Virginia Joyce Bolton Bryant

Born on April 11, 1927

Departed on January 7, 2015 and resided in Old Hickory, TN

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Virginia Joyce Bolton Bryant, a servant of her Lord and savior, has gone to be ever present with Jesus.
A loving wife, she gave her hand in marriage to a man who treated it like a gift from God. James McDonald Bryant, her devoted husband of 66 years, knows heaven is home for angels. Joining Jim in thanking God for the blessing of sharing life with Joyce is her family. Her son Robert and his wife Marie, her son Mark and his wife Linda, and her daughter Bethany, have treasured memories and hopes for the future because of Joyce.
Joyce’s two brothers, Michael and Anthony, survive and live with their wives and families in Chester Co. Tennessee, where Joyce grew up. Michael and Julia Bolton, and Anthony and Jeanette Bolton, are more than family: They are marrow in the life of Joyce’s happiness Lara, Alex, Justin, and Stacey remain her beloved grandchildren and know that her prayers have risen on their behalf. Her prayers have also risen for her great-grandchildren Jamesen, Dyllen, and Benjimen.
Although, her parents Cleon and Lucille Bolton, her brother Bobby Bolton, and her three sisters Marjorie Bolton, Shirley Pratt, and Jeannine Donahue passed before Joyce; they guided us and graced our family gatherings through wonderful stories.
To calm our fears and make us strong, Joyce told us Jesus conquered death. She taught us about God’s mercy and forgiveness, through the eyes of a young girl who sought some excitement in her small town by writing to the town spinster under the pseudonym of ‘The Purple Dagger’. She, also, helped us (as she taught us to be humble) while we laughed and learned that any of us could mistake telephone wires for tracks on the moon.
As a church pianist and as a school teacher her accomplishments were many. She lifted her voice in praise to God; and, in so doing she helped uplift those who heard her. Joyce had a love for words: She considered it a gift and she used it to describe the miracles that surround us every day. Her worth is priceless, and her work has helped make each day of ours worth more and more.
We love you Joyce.
The family would like to express their deep gratitude to the staff of the McKendree Village Nursing Home for caring for Joyce in such a wonderful way. You did what we could not. Thanks.
Let us give eternal praise to our Lord, Jesus, for giving us eternal life.

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