Stephanie Danielle Collins

Born on August 7, 1993

Resided in Cottontown, TN

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Stephanie Danielle Collins, age 26, of Cottontown. She was a graduate of East Robertson High School class of 2011. White in school, she was involved in the FFA and ROTC. She was very independent for her young age, and was able to learn how to play the guitar and banjo on her own. She also loved to lift weights, skateboarding, softball, and cooking Mexican cuisine for her family. She loved going to concerts with her brother, and later became a paramedic, where she graduated in the top of her class at age 20. She is survived by her mother, Leslie Collins, and father, Daniel Collins, grandmother, Barbara Ashley Seeger, sister Jennifer Davis, and her children Blaise, Christian, Guinevere, and Lily Davis, her brother Daniel Casey Collins, aunt, Julie Seeger Ozier (Andrew), and cousin Kelly Ann Ozier. A memorial gathering for Stephanie will be at Cole & Garrett Funeral Home in White House at a later date. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Shatterproof or the addiction charity of your choice.

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  1. Ann Lewis
    July 6, 2020 6:29 pm

    Leslie, I am so sorry for your loss. I love you ❤️

  2. Margie Day Ramsey
    July 6, 2020 6:40 pm

    Rest In Peace sweet Steph.. you are loved!

  3. Doris Woodrum-LaFrance
    July 6, 2020 6:43 pm

    Leslie, I am so very sorry for the loss of your daughter, my heart goes out to you. Praying for you and your family 🙏❤😥🙏🙏

  4. Cheryl Jenkins
    July 6, 2020 7:22 pm

    Leslie, my heart aches for you and your family. You will all be in my prayers. ❤

  5. Melanie H Trotter
    July 6, 2020 7:42 pm

    Steffie, you will be sorely missed! I Always admired that stubborn streak that you used to strengthen your resolve! Now you can rest where there is no sadness, toil or danger.

  6. Jason van Hoose
    July 6, 2020 7:55 pm

    I am so sorry for your family’s loss. I pray that she has found peace. Once again I am so sorry for your loss.

  7. Heather Bowman
    July 6, 2020 8:04 pm

    Im.bad with names but remember her face. She was always nice to everyone. Bless her soul and family.

  8. Toni Rea Burchett
    July 6, 2020 8:05 pm

    My heart breaks for you and her father. Your entire family.
    Prayers and Hugs and my deepest Sympathy!
    RIP Stephanie and beautiful angel.

  9. Patricia Lowe
    July 6, 2020 9:04 pm

    Leslie, I’m praying that our Heavenly Father will embrace you and your family in HIS arms and provide strength and comfort during this most difficult time.

  10. Anna Huffaker
    July 6, 2020 9:06 pm

    Steffie will always forever been in my heart. No words can truly express how deeply sorry I am for the families loss. I pray for her mother and her brother. You will be missed by everyone Stephanie.

  11. Kera Malone
    July 6, 2020 9:38 pm

    Steffie, I don’t know what to say except how I love all our memories were full of laughter. I hate that you left so soon. My heart goes out to your family.

    • Leslie Collins
      July 6, 2020 10:44 pm

      Thanks, Kera. I know the time that you all spent together especially working together meant a whole lot to her

  12. Johnathan Mendoza
    July 6, 2020 10:04 pm

    I’m sorry for your loss. She will and always have been loved and will forever have a place in our hearts and dearly missed

    • Leslie Collins
      July 6, 2020 10:45 pm

      Jonathan, I know her memories of you are very special and that you meant a whole lot to her

  13. Carol Holt
    July 6, 2020 10:17 pm

    Steffie will be missed. She was so sweet to everyone on her softball team. I’m so sorry for your loss. may God give you strength and comfort during this time Leslie.
    RIP sweet Steffie

    • Leslie Collins
      July 6, 2020 10:47 pm

      I will always treasure that summer and the fun she had during that time. The team was so accepting of her as a newcomer. I still have the team picture on my wall

  14. Mary J.
    July 6, 2020 11:44 pm

    Many hugs and prayers for you and your son.
    Love, Mary J.

  15. Bethany Hawk (Carter)
    July 7, 2020 3:59 am

    Steffi was a great friend to me. I have so many good memories of her. I am so sorry for your loss.

  16. Bethany (Hawk) Carter
    July 7, 2020 4:14 am

    I was some shy kid who was lucky enough to know Steffi, but because of her and a few other people I came out of my shell later on in life and became who I am now. She played a pretty big role in that. I’m very sorry for your loss.

    • Leslie Collins
      July 7, 2020 1:53 pm

      I love hearing that because I know that Steph felt awkward socially at times. But I knew she was a very loyal friend

  17. Jackie Fowler
    July 7, 2020 9:23 am

    So sorry for your loss. Such a beautiful girl.

  18. Bryant Holland
    July 7, 2020 1:03 pm

    We’ll miss you Steffie. You were always one of the most fun people back at East. I pray you’ll be at peace.

    • Leslie Collins
      July 7, 2020 2:03 pm

      Thanks, Bryant. I like to think she’s smiling down at us, seeing how many people cared about and love her

  19. Beth Prohaska
    July 7, 2020 10:53 pm

    Bless you all. I can’t begin to imagine this loss I will always remember that smart sassy girl. It’s heartbreaking to think she’s gone. I will keep you, Casey and the rest of your family in my thoughts.

    • Leslie Collins
      July 8, 2020 1:06 pm

      Thanks, Beth. Steff definitely had such a strong spirit. I know her suffering is over now

  20. Sharon Pomeroy
    July 8, 2020 7:46 pm

    Leslie, I am so sorry for your loss. My heart and prayers are with you and your family.

  21. David Roman
    July 8, 2020 8:00 pm

    Much love to you and your family . God bless

    • Leslie Collins
      July 8, 2020 8:25 pm

      Thanks, David. For three years she fought and suffered. Now no more suffering, just peace

  22. Annabel Gerke
    July 9, 2020 3:10 am

    So many memories growing up together. I wish I had had more time with you. Sending love to your family ❤️

    • Leslie Collins
      July 9, 2020 2:10 pm

      I have so many memories are there two of you together as kids. You were always such a dear friend to her

  23. Wendy Paszek
    July 9, 2020 8:14 am

    Leslie, you are one amazing mom! You have been in my thoughts and prayers. Much love to you and Casey!

    • Leslie Collins
      July 9, 2020 2:12 pm

      Thanks, Wendy. She tried her best and I tried my best, too. But the disease had its hooks in her too tightly. She has no more suffering now

  24. Rachael Poff
    July 9, 2020 12:52 pm

    Leslie Steff put up a good fight and was lucky to have such a great mom who was in the fight with her. You were always lifting her up and encouraging her to fight a good fight. I can’t imagine the hole in your heart right now, I hope it fills with all the good memories you and her shared throughout her short life. She is at peace and I hope that brings you some and your family some comfort. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

    • Leslie Collins
      July 9, 2020 2:15 pm

      Thanks, Rachel. I know we both tried our best but sometimes the disease is just too huge. There’s a song called Dancing in the Sky. That’s what I like to think about now. She’s on both legs dancing

  25. Brian Vaughn
    July 9, 2020 2:36 pm

    So sorry for your loss. Vaughn family.

  26. Cassie Upchurch
    July 9, 2020 2:53 pm

    She was so nice to me when we first met through another friend. She will be greatly missed.

  27. Teresa Baldwin
    July 10, 2020 10:44 am

    My heart goes out to the family. We were neighbors for many years and our children grew up together. She such a lovely young lady and will be missed. Hugs and Prayers

  28. Leslie Collins
    July 10, 2020 1:55 pm

    She was such a sweet girl. Her suffering is over now. I know she loved all of her friends so much

  29. Leslie Collins
    July 10, 2020 1:59 pm

    Are you Aaron and Isaac’s mom? Thanks, she truly was. I know she’s at peace now

  30. Janice Spooner
    July 10, 2020 8:48 pm

    Leslie, I am so sorry for you and your family for your tragic loss of your beloved Steph. She was a beautiful girl who was truly blessed in her short life with your unconditional love, support and understanding. I pray that you will find peace and comfort and know that you are loved.

    • Leslie Collins
      July 11, 2020 12:30 am

      Thanks, Janice. Tomorrow I’ll do my best to honor her short life. I’m humbled by the love and support we’ve received

  31. Kascey Malone
    July 10, 2020 9:49 pm

    Leslie, praying for you and your family. Stay in God’s hands. Love you and your family.

  32. Deborah Sanders
    July 11, 2020 2:47 am

    Les, I am so sorry to hear of Stef’s passing and had so hoped that things would have turned out differently. I pray that you will find peace in knowing that you did all that you could to help her. Hold on to all of the good memories and may God watch over you. Love, Deb

    • Leslie Collins
      July 11, 2020 10:36 am

      Thanks, Debbie. I so appreciate all the love and support I’ve received from my work family. I know she has peace now and no more suffering

  33. Kayla Brown-Clark
    July 11, 2020 7:34 am

    I am so saddened to hear this. She and I graduated from east together. She was so intelligent, quick witted and just so nice. We ran into one another one night during a call… I didn’t realize she was a paramedic, and myself an EMT. I sure didn’t think that would be the last time I’d see her. I’ll be thinking of you all on this extremely emotional day, and I do apologize for my not coming. I work in an ER and I don’t want to risk getting anyone sick. My god be with you all, and provide you with comfort.

    • Leslie Collins
      July 11, 2020 10:39 am

      Thanks, Kayla. Poor Steff suffered and struggled a lot these last three years. I know she’s at peace and has no suffering now

  34. Patti Walker
    July 11, 2020 12:06 pm

    I’m friends with Jen and her daughters. I’m so sorry for her passing. She sounds like a person who was full of life. Love and Prayers for you Jen and the entire family.

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